General Questions

1What does our company do and what is our vision?
NMORE GROUP is an established technological service provider located in the heart of Limassol, Cyprus. We have over 10 years of industry related experience from our previous projects, which were done on the private and confidential order basis. Our vision is to provide professional corporate IT services of any kind or caliber to everyone.
2What does our vision "Everything as a Service" mean?
When the concept of Cloud was introduced in IT, it was as simple as three categories. Software as a Service, which represented an end-user product that normally was ready out of the box, but limited. Platform as a Service, which was mostly used by developers, who had no interest in setting up their environment nor hardware. Lastly, there was Infrastructure as a Service, which only provided users with computer power and resources. By introducing the concept of Everything as a Service, we wanted to emphasize the completeness of our services for clients of any type or size.
3Why should you outsource your IT department?
There are over fifty reasons we can name here and now, however we do understand that each client is unique in his own way, therefore we would only mention the generic ones here, such as improved efficiency and economies of scale you have never achieved before. In addition, you will have emergency support hours and access to highly specialized IT talent, which will give your business competitive edge, as your staff will be concentrated only on their work and have minimal, or even no downtime at all. If you are interested please contact us.
4What other benefits you can get from cooperation with us?
Reduce downtime to improve efficiency of your employees, which directly correlates with profitability of your business. Additionally, we will provide you with access to otherwise unavailable support from all major technology vendors, such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

Services & Solutions

1What types of technological services do we offer?
Everything remotely related to technology. Everything from basic Microsoft setup, website and software development to fully integrated business intelligence, custom server rooms and more.
2What does "Managed IT Services" mean exactly?
It is important to make sure that critical Information Technology systems and services are always available to support core business activities, but maintaining IT systems with an internal department can be costly and leave you outdated. By outsourcing your IT department, whether it is partially or completely, you will free up your staff for profit-generating assignments and tasks. NMORE will provide you with expert services, years of experience and knowledge necessary for the reduction of operation expenses.
3Can your team completely replace an internal IT department?
Our managed IT services provide every customer with unique care, maximum availability and unprecedented support, which will ensure that your business is running successfully and: Achieve new economies of scale and decreased operating costs. Improve your business and employee productivity by reducing inefficiency. Improve your uptime and decrease possibilities of downtime. Access our support resources and vendor specific support. So the answer is Yes we can replace an internal IT department.
4Can I purchase technical support immediately on your site?
Yes, you can click on support store and choose the type of support you need. Either corporate or non-corporate, on site or remote.

IT Support

1Why do we offer a completely free business evaluation?
The general public is still massively unaware how IT works and how it is valued, this is why we offer a free business evaluation, a sort of introduction into IT, what we do and how we work - this generally sets the tone for any future cooperation.
2What is included in corporate IT support packages?
We have all modern standard means of communication, including, but not limited to: Email, Skype, Phone, Fax, live chat and ticketing system located in our support portal, that is only available to our paid plan subscribers
3How does IT support work?
It is simple, the client makes a request, if it's a new client we provide him/her with a free business evaluation after which we draft suggestions and recommendations for their existing problems or inefficiencies. Thereafter it depends on the client, if the project has a go ahead then we maintenance any hardware or software on a weekly basis and in the case of emergencies, are readily available 24/7.
4What makes our technological support and expertise stand out?
Our vision is to provide our family, friends, partners, affiliates and customers 'Everything as a Service'. We aim to form long-lasting relationships with all our clients to collectively unravel the new possibilities of the 21st century. The vision is to live in a digitally advanced and integrated society. We are ambitious and want more from life, thus we give as much as we can to all our clients to keep them satisfied - even if it means sitting weekends and public holidays.