The Nmore Culture

Shared values and expectations

Values above all

Nmore encourages and values all its people, to such extent that compensation includes ownership opportunities. Working at Nmore is all about problem solving, teamwork and self-development.


The Marketplace

The European IT service management market is hyper-competitive and has several barriers to entry, namely strategic. See how Nmore has found its place among other established services providers.


The Brand

Nmore was established with a particular vision in mind, and since 2016 the company has delivered every step of the way. Learn where and how it all started, who started it, and where it is all headed.


Fine Tuning

The knowledge Nmore brings to its clients is a direct consequence of more than a decade of trial and error. Learn more about what processes the company undertakes to ensure quality.


Setting Boundaries

Nmore has enacted governance policies and practices that serve the interests of the company and its shareholders - thus driving alignment between its clients, subsidiaries and member firms.


Pursuing Excellence

Established in 2016, Nmore Group is a Cyprus based consulting and IT services provider focused on digital transformation, enterprise architecture, infrastructure management and IT outsourcing.


Developing Vision

Many factors contribute to the success of a project - sound strategies, quality products and efficient processes are all important but fall short to people who execute company plans and strategies.

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