Identity of Nmore

Traits that encourage cooperation

Customer centric

A client-centric approach is about understanding the customer, in order to better anticipate wants, needs and communication, create meaningful experiences and build lasting relationships.

Cognitive leaders

Cognitive leadership refers to the characteristics that encompass vulnerability, self-awareness, curiosity, humility, great courage, discipline, adaptability and thoughtful communications.

Key attributes

Aptitude, attitude and altitude are key attributes that describe mindsets, skillsets and tools that allow people at Nmore to thrive, encouraging an environment in which individual talent can develop.

Strong Risk Profile

An evaluation of the willingness and ability to take calculated risks. A framework that is important when determing allocation of resources: a discipline that ensures resources are utilized efficiently.


Nmore encourages all its people to challenge themselves, and be willing to change to the needs of their clients, to face problems, pivot among distractions, and politely proceed forward.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics are principles that guide behavaiour, whereas integrity suggests that we act upon our ethical principles, rather than espousing an ideal only to do the absolute opposite.