Company Governance

Sustainable models of governance

Policies that benefit

Nmore Group’s governance is structured and managed in a transparent manner in accordance with due process. The members of the Board of Directors are elected by resolution.


An Introduction

Meet our Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board Mr. Nikita who started his career in IT more than 10 years ago, worked his way up to CTO before establishing his own Managed Services Provider


Quality Management

Nmore Group's processes are structured according to the principles reflected in the ISO 9001 standard, this means consistent service delivery outcomes that enable long-term sustainability.


Preserving Tradition

Nmore Group advocates for policies that benefit the interests of its clients, partners, people and shareholders, and enforces these policies through strict mandates which outline core values.


A Defined Mission

Our strategy can be described as differentiation and inclusion of services - by clustering a number of peripheral services into bundles the company is able to provide 'Everything as a Service'.

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