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Corporate IT Solutions

IT Infrastructure Strategy

IT infrastructure strategy includes everything from hardware to network systems, legacy interfaces and software. Our services ensure that you develop a plan that aligns with your priorities.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture includes everything from analysis to execution of business strategies. Our services ensure that your technology functions are organized and establish continuity.

Digital Transformation

The scope of digital transformation is to leverage opportunities in an effort to deliver value, solve problems and support people. Our services ensure that your company benefits from the marketplace.

IT Process Automation

The scope of automation is to set up systems that help reduce the need for repeatable intervention. Our services ensure that you optimize your business and increase overall efficiency.

Business Intelligence

The scope of business intelligence is to arrange complex data and turn it into meaningful insight. Our services ensure that your business derives value from infromation and utilizes it to expand.

Managed IT Outsourcing

Managed IT includes the management of software, systems and hardware infrastructure. Our support engineers can either offload existing teams, or help you establish a dedicated IT department.

Corporate IT Services

IT consulting services and solutions that will help your organization scale. Our IT consultants can help you identify key areas of improvement.

IT infrastructure services that will help you with the procurement, installation and support of hardware. We offer a range of service delivery models.

Web and app design services that will help your company appeal to users. Our team can help you structure and execute your vision.

IT outsourcing services and solutions that will help your organization expand. Our experts can help offload and manage complicated IT projects.

IT backup and recovery services that will help you better manage data. Our IT specialists can help you establish systems from the ground up.

Development services that will help produce results. Our developers can also help you modify, update and support your websites and apps.

IT support services that will help you resolve any ongoing emergencies. Our support engineers can help identify and fix critical issue.

IT security and failover services that will help you mitigate threats. Our IT support and security team can help secure your data from breaches.

Domain services that ensure availability. As a services provider we can also assist you with hosting, patching, security and support

On-site support and training that will help you take full advantage of your IT. Our engineers can assist you with a broad range of issues.

IT services that will help you manage software agreements. Our team can also help develop and modify new or existing software.

Services that will increase your system interoperability. As an IT provider we can help you integrate both hardware and software.

Corporate IT Portfolio

Belka Games

Assisted a multinational game development company set up hardware infrastructure in their office in Cyprus. To this day we continue to provide support.

Professional ServicesDevelopment
Delfi Corporate

Developed a website and a web education platform for a financial services company in Cyprus. Three years later we continue to manage and support their IT.

Zerich Securities

Helped an investment company re-structure the IT architecture of the firm, procure hardware and set up software. Continue to support them four years on.

Private EquityInfrastructure
Hess Group

Transformed the enterprise architecture - set up virtual infrastructure and developed web assets for a private equity group. Support them to this day.

Europe FX

Mapped the enterprise architecture of the business, replaced outdated infrastructure and for two years provided consulting and corporate & user support.


Assisted a multinational Forex company with IT recruitment. Tasked with finding, screening, shortlisting and interviewing talent from abroad.

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