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Bridging gaps in capability

Long term focus

Organizations which continiously modernize will most definitely enjoy the spoils that this new world has to offer, for in a hyper-technological world, first mover advantage is key.


An Introduction

'More than ever before, I think about what Nmore stands for, who we serve and where we are making an impact in the world.' Meet our founder, Nikita Snigirev who started in IT more than 14 years ago.


A Probable Future

IT is set to become one of the primary disruptors of the 21st century as entire industries are automated on an unprecedented scale. Learn about the latest, and automate your processes.


Technology Innovation

As of 2022, after 5 years of development, Nmore Group will finally open its doors to investors who are interested in funding technology startups in developing markets. Contact us to learn more.


Latest Updates

You can now stay in touch and up to date with the latest by visiting Nmore Group’s newsroom – official news, industry insights, press releases and more. Subscribe to the feed and never skip a beat.

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