Nmore History

A company of purpose

Established 2016

The company was established with the vision of helping growing organizations scale their IT operations more effectively, and since 2017 Nmore Group has continued to deliver on its promise.


Humble Beginnings: The Freelance Consulting Days

In 2009, the company was not yet established. There was only an idea and a team out there somewhere - people who managed projects and development and had a passion for fixing problems. Turns out, the team - a gathering of old friends.

The idea developed as early as 2014

After more than 5 years freelancing, a team of like-minded professionals was formed to develop corporate infrastructure for a growing business resulting in the support of a broker.

The team developed IT solutions, serviced and supported systems, and worked with development budgets that were rarely seen on the island at the time, scaling by outsourcing.

Finally Incorporated: Nmore Group Limited in Europe

Whilst Europe was still a long way away, it had been done, the stone had been set. All this whilst working with the original client who was at the time beginning to shut down operations - a chance for us to outsource hardware procurement.

After more than five years of freelancing

It was time to expand operations and apply all our experience. The company address was registered, and still remains - 159 A Leontiou, O:202, 3022, Limassol, Cyprus.

Nmore was founded by Nikita Snigirev and co-founded by Lazar Zadniprenko, later to include partners David Abralava and Yahor Skurat all contributing in the early years.

Lean Entry: What Market Penetration Looks Like

Nmore Group launched its website on the 2nd of January 2017 and was now officially open for business, providing a range of managed IT support and consulting services in Limassol.

It wasn't chance; the market needed change

By March, Nmore onboarded its first high profile international client Vedomosti, one of the largest newspapers in Russia, first established by the FT and WSJ.

Followed by more cooperation, namely, with Vestnik Kipra, top tier media company. During this period the company expanded to three employees and two external teams.

Startup Fervor: Sustaining Forward Momentum

For Nmore it was obvious, begin by building a name that people can recognize, a brand that people can trust. From the very beginning, it was all about quality and experience.

We reached out to the world and the world answered

After contacting every major network in Cyprus, one responded, RW, a leading broadcaster on the island; a partnership was signed, and Nmore debut its show.

It is during this period that popularity grew and Nmore was invited to participate in a number of social events: the DMC, ZIMA Project, and the Presidential Gala.

A New World: Adjusting to the nature of expectation

Nmore's one year anniversary marked an important milestone - one year and some thirty clients later we were now confident in our work. As such the company employed its fourth staff and expanded to include teams in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Hong Kong.

A year of impact through managed IT outsourcing

As early as February, the company started to work on its first IT recruitment project for a large multinational - HYCM. Nmore helped them recruit talent from abroad.

In months that followed, Nmore started to work with larger firms: namely Decenternet and Sportco; working with its first celebrity and hosting its first international internship.

A New Habit: Expanding the Business Horizontally

By the end of the second year, the company now employed five full-time staff and worked with four dev ops teams. The team got used to high demand as the business transitioned from a start-up into an operating service provider.

A future that we are comfortable with

As Nmore started to expand, it became evident that organizations face the same disruptor: outdated, insecure, inefficient, and or poorly maintained hardware.

Similarly, as personal client requests started to mount, the company decided to create its first standalone brand Mr. Fixer - a B2C phone and laptop repair company.

Nmore: Finally A Group of Technology Companies

Following the success of Mr. Fixer, Nmore further developed the Easytickets ticketing platform, and in collaboration with Russian Wave introduced it to the market; a new phase for Nmore, as it deployed its first lightweight PaaS solution.

Only bigger and better, despite adversity

In early 2019, the Easytickets web solution for event organizers was deployed. The user friendly platform was then successfully tested by two major promoters.

Unfortunately, as imposed lockdowns forced people indoors, all venture projects were put on standby, as society and entire industries transitioned to remote.

New Catalyst: Changing the Work Environment

It took one pandemic to shift all focus from profit to modernization; at the center of it all - Information Technology. Companies who have previously abstained from the use of technologies, have now become slaves to their stasis.

2019 turned out to be a year of firsts

Despite the draconian countermeasures imposed by governments all around the world, one sector that benefited from 'the age of remote work' was technology.

During this period the company onboarded more clients than it has in its first two years combined. Among these, a handful of multinationals in shipping and game dev.

A Changing Reality: Technology at the Forefront

As we approached the second year of the pandemic, little did we know that this was only the beginning, and that demand for IT will only continue to exponentially increase, as new mandates now affected the quality of employment.

A lean scale despite imposed restrictions

Remote work introduced non-digital business owners to the wonders of IT, which only accelerated its adoption among expanding organizations, across all sectors.

Despite all the difficulties and disruptions onset by the pandemic, Nmore assembled a roster of domestic and international clients, bolstering its total serviced past 170.

Adapting to Covid-19: An Age of Opinion

It did not take long for the vaccine debate to spill over into everyday life. Nmore simply adopted policies that ensured employee and client safety, and continued to provide 'Everything as a Service', a model focused on delivering a broad range of IT services.

Industrialization of a Developing Economy

As the pandemic raged on, so did the market continue to adapt: retail developed e-commerce, traditional producers automated their inputs; change was imminent and long overdue.

Companies across the board took this time to incorporate web applications, software and IOT, allowing them to automate processes, increase productivity, and ensure accountability.

Turbulent Times: Early 2020s

As new variants continued to emerge and mandates continually enforced, Information Technology continued to dominate the agenda. In the EU, this was seen through a number of initiatives: technology grants, subsidies and development funds.

Prepared for an unprepared world

During the pandemic, Nmore onboarded more clients than it ever has, and this was no coincidence. We had time to prepare, unlike the market which was unprepared for a transition to digital. Many who resisted during the first years now gravitated back to IT, for stricter trade and employment benchmarks were set.

It is during this time that the company expanded to 5 full-time employees and 5 external development teams. Since 2017 Nmore serviced more than 230 companies, including dozens of private clients, and continues to actively support more than three dozen long-term clients, the likes of which companies like Belka Games.

A Year of Reflection: Finding Inspiration

For the last 30 months or so Nmore spent virtually no money on marketing, relying on Google search, word of mouth, and an old outdated website back from 2017. The lean startup model worked well thus far, but it was time to expand.

Discovering AMP HTML - The Future of Mobile

In 2015, Google and Wordpress, among others created AMP HTML, and ever since have been developing the 'best practices' rulebook. Until 2021, these practices were constantly changing, forcing developers to leave it be, but that was until February, when Google shared its criteria.

Therefore in April of 2021 the company started to re-develop its own assets on AMP - which allow users on slow 3G to load websites instantaneously. In combination with Non-AMP, companies that now capitalize on these changes will be the ones to rank in 2022.

The Shift: New Beginnings

In spite of market uncertainty, Nmore Group continued to provide reliable and uninterrupted services to any business unaffiliated with policy, a sponsor to aggression or otherwise.

Progress, despite market adversity

The conflict in Ukraine has certainly rattled the world, but so have so many conflicts before that. It was never our place to be biased thus we remain neutral to ordinary entrepreneurs who seek cooperation.

In spite of market adversity, positive internal changes. By March the company became ISO9001: 2015 certified, the long-overdue website on AMP was finally complete and the total serviced rocketed past 300.