Meet some of Nmore’s most loyal

We’ve assembled quite a roster

Entering our sixth year of operations we’ve decided to share a list of our most loyal clients. These are corporates who have helped us develop into the company that we are today, and we would most definitely not be here had they not put their trust in us.

The last two years have been particularly challenging and Nmore Group was forced to adapt to the massive social changes that happened all around the world, yet this did not stop us from excelling. As a matter of fact, in the last two years alone Nmore onboarded most of its current clientbase.

COVID had only accelerated the adoption of IT

Without further ado, the list of our most loyal clients over the years (these are clients whose projects are not protected under NDA): Majesty Real Estate, Allila Consultancy, Russian Wave Group, Adastra International, Admare Properties, Unibank, Zerich Securities, Premiere Enterprises, Egard Group, Lillo Events, Ducat Maritime, Hess Group International, Delfi, D-Core, Stem Property, S.A. Lux Consultants, BCS, Belka Games, RFA Trading, Tradeline, CBU Accountants, P&S Carton, Mitrelli, Access Financial and Dinenation.

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