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Managed IT

IT consulting services that ensure results. Our consultants will help your team identify key risks, and help prevent them.

IT strategy services that ensure scalability. Our IT consultants will prepare a plan that incorporates your objectives.

Digital transformation services that ensure data-driven innovation. Our consultants will help your team transition.

IT automation services that ensure stability. Our IT specialists will help you set up, automate & manage your systems.

Ensures utility. Our consultants will set up BI dashboards that will help turn data into insight you can use to your benefit.

IT recruitment services that ensure options. As an MSP we will help you shortlist the right people for the right job.

Ensure efficient scale. Our consultants will map your network and identify areas that your employees can improve upon.

IT outsourcing services that ensure support. As a managed IT provider, we can help your teams manage peripherals.

Remote IT support services that ensure user queries are quickly resolved. Our IT support specialists will help your organization manage adversity.

Onsite IT support services that ensure continuity. Our IT support team will help your organization manage software and hardware infrastructure.

Corporate IT support services that ensure continuous coverage. As a managed support provider, we will help your organization from top to bottom.

Nearshore outsourcing services that ensure uptime. When everything else fails, our support engineers will keep your critical infrastructure operational.

Website design services that ensure an aesthetic experience. Our UI/UX designers will help your organization design and develop a digital blueprint.

Website development services that ensure performance. Our web developers will help your team develop digital assets that you can be proud of.

Branding services that ensure that you appeal to your audience. Our specialists will help your team define brand identity, image and positioning.

Application design services that ensure structural integrity. Our designers will help your app stand out and capture the imagination of the user.

App development services that ensure that your digital assets are centered around your end-user. Our developers will help you create a functional app.

Website backup and security services that ensure all your digital assets are protected. Our IT specialists will help deploy and modify your infrastructure.

Web hosting services that ensure site performance, security, uptime and resource management. Our specialists will help deploy digital assets.

Domain management services that ensure your corporate domains are secure and support related websites. Our admins will help you manage them.

Hardware integration services ensure that your software and hardware infrastructure is interoperable. Our team will help connect and integrate it.

Software integration services ensure that your different software parts or subsystems are combined into one. Our specialists will help you identify them.

Systems integration services ensure that your information system is well designed and integrated. Our team will help you plan your transformation.

Integration architecture services ensure that your business facilitates integration of multiple IT components. Our team will help you consolidate.

IT project management services that ensure you achieve your digital goals and objectives. Our specialists will help you offload your existing IT team.

Managed IT infrastructure services that ensure enterprise architecture supports your business practices. Our team will help your business expand.

IT backup and recovery services that ensure your data is organized and well-secured. Our team will help you create an emergency contingency plan.

Security and failover services that ensure important functions and critical systems are accessible. Our team will keep your systems protected.

Hardware services that ensure scalability, operational efficiency and low maintenance costs. Our specialists will help you scale your infrastructure.

Managed servers services that ensure the delivery of end-to-end management of your hardware. Our IT specialists will help manage and maintain your assets.

Manage network services ensure that your networks are accessible, secure and up-to-date. Our team will help your infrastructure scale with growth.

Managed security services ensure that your IT infrastructure is secure and continually monitored. Our team will help you manage and mitigate threats.

Manage storage services ensure that your data is offloaded to a trusted 3rd Party SaaS provider. Our team will help you keep your data securely stored.

Managed software as a service (MSaaS) that ensures that your software is configured, managed and maintained. Our team will help scale performance.

Routing & switching services ensure high bandwidth that is both secure and meets latency requirements. Our team will help set up a quality backend.

Access control & CCTV services ensure more security and surveillance in the work environment. Our team will assist with real-time incident managemnet.

News & MediaWeb

Developed two websites for Russian Wave and NRJ FM, integrated software systems and helped manage their domains. Four years later continue to support them.

Access Financial

Re-developed a dozen corporate websites with advanced functionalities. For the last two years have helped with the development strategy and data entry.

Egard Management

Mapped the enterprise architecture of the business, replaced outdated infrastructure and for the last four years provided consulting and corporate support.

News & MediaInfrastructure

Developed an IT infrastructure strategy, helped renovate and furnish workspaces, procure all office and server equipment and provided user IT support.

Real EstateWeb
Majesty Real Estate

Developed a real-estate website for an established real estate agent in Cyprus, assisted with data entry of thousands of assets; continue to support to this day.

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