Nmore Strategy

Advancing sustainable growth

Leveraging threats

Leveraging threats is critical, particularly in a hyper-competitive industry like IT. The goal is to exploit the efficiencies of centralized management whilst decentralizing service delivery.

Customer oriented

At Nmore customer-driven transformations are typically centered on accomplishing one of two primary paths for creating value: adapting to changing expectations or developing product.

EaaS service model

Nmore’s purpose is to deliver ‘Everything as a Service’ – a service model which focuses on dissecting overcomplicated services into smaller service bundles that allow for agile implementation.

Diversified bundles

The company is focused on: diversification which allows the business to mitigate threats associated with adverse conditions, and cooperation which allows to broaden market opportunity.

IT transformation

Innovation, technology enhancements, and a connection to a global network have all contributed to a new norm, yet IT knows no benchmarks for the industry is progressively more dynamic.

Legal oversight

As demand for transparency increases, so does the need for compliance. As such Nmore has implemented oversight procedures that enable clients and shareholders to make sound decisions.