Nmore Policies

Our moral code


Nmore’s mission is to help organizations expand their capabalities by means of technological improvement. To fulfill this mission, our people always act in the best interest of the client.


Nmore complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation – a European law that gives users the right to demand access to their personal information and the right for it to be destroyed.

Earnest relations

As a means of securing the interests of our clients, if any dispute relating to any contractual involvement arises, then such disputes shall be decided in accordance with the laws of Cyprus.

Bilateral protocols

If any disputes or differences escalate, an alternative method of resolving disputes arising from cross-border transactions will be taken into consideration – international commercial arbitration.

Determined values

Nmore Group’s commercial activities are governed by EU policies and directives, namely the EU Antitrust policy, consumer laws, laws on gender equality, health and safety and fundamental rights.

Culturally simple

Nmore’s approach to work is that of ethical objectivism – whereas the truth or falsehood of moral judgements does not depend upon the beliefs or feelings of any person or group.