Practices at Nmore

Mindset that invigorates

Onboarding KYC

Onboarding is often the first impression our clients have, and is critical to setting the tone for the ongoing customer experience. It is also a vital compliance step for gathering KYC information.


Once KYC is complete we begin gathering needs and requirements – needs refer to the goals and objectives a business wants to achieve, whereas requirements are the things needed to be done.

Client review

Once needs and requirements have been identified, evaluation and review begins – evaluation refers to the assessment of proposed solutions, whereas review refers to an appraisail of the evaluation.


Once solutions have been reviewed, risk and opportunity analysis takes place which helps identify threats, estimate their likelihood and determine the opportunity-cost of the decision.


Once the onboarding stages have been complete we proceed with plan and implementation, a process which outlines the steps our team takes when accomplishing a shared goal or objective.


As per ISO9001: 2015 once work has commenced what follows is continual analysis and improvement – nonconformities are identified and corrective actions are taken to eliminate issues.