Context of Nmore

Conditions and priorities

Context of activities

The context of the organization is a process that determines factors which influence the company’s ability to achieve sustained success. These factors are: interested parties, external and internal issues.

Market potential

The Cypriot ICT market reached a value of €692.10 million in 2020 representing year-on-year growth of 2.1%, coupled with a global market growing at a CAGR 8% creates an opportunity for expansion.

Quality assurance

By clearly understanding the needs of interested parties, be it customers, suppliers or sub-contractors, Nmore is able to develop processes that benefit the diverse nature of their expectations.

Motivated clients

Nmore’s primary customers are small and medium enterprises which are typically expanding and require project management, to a lesser degree multinationals who establish in Cyprus.

Predictable outputs

In order to provide high quality services and reduce potential nonconformity, Nmore has adopted a process approach: identifying and managing processes that may affect outputs.


Throughout the year, data is gathered and measured by process owners, who then analyze it, and together with management set goals and make adjustments for the purpose of improvement.