Why does IT matter?

It can improve and greatly increase annual revenue, boost productivity and efficiency by large margins, decrease wasted time, cut costs and allow you to save money.

About the nature of MSPs

In short, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is there to help your organization scale. Without disturbing your current business processes, the MSP is there to consult, procure, develop, manage, support and integrate with your existing hardware and software infrastructure, processes and IT tools, not a job for one. This is why hiring an MSP as an ‘advisor’, or ‘developer’, ‘IT support’, or as an all-around ‘IT manager’ even ‘IT director’ is well-established. Followed is the complex nature of contracting. You could hire Nmore Group in the capacity of ‘IT manager/IT support’ as per Service Level Agreements where you pay a minimum monthly subscription ‘salary so to speak’ for a guaranteed set of hours (anything over the set time is invoiced per hour), but you can also hire Nmore Group as ‘IT developer’ as per Project Based Agreements where there is a roadmap, payment schedule and project release. You can engage the MSP in more ways than one, down to managing your Software as a Service SaaS subscriptions.