What are IT services?

To better understand IT, is to recognize the differences – IT services solve a problem whereas IT consulting is about succeeding in business and promoting IT objectives.

Understanding the types of IT services

We will explore 5 types of IT services that we offer at Nmore Group, these are: Low-level managed IT services – the most basic low-level services (i.e. software installation and integration of existing infrastructure with a new system), Mid-level managed IT services – in addition to the above, the provider will take action in the case of a performance issue or security threat, High-level managed IT services – along with everything previously included, this includes dedicated support, data analytics and communications, On-Demand IT – receive services on demand, this allows you to pay on an on-demand basis rather than spend a set amount each month, and Hardware and Software Support – dedicated support for hardware and software (i.e. licensing, hot fixes, management and maintenance etc).