Who outsources IT?

Typically, the most prolific companies (those that have a moderate to large amount of repetitive and labor-intensive tasks) outsource Information Technology services.

Which companies outsource IT and why?

As defined in the FAQ, companies outsource for a number of reasons: to reduce costs, to focus on core business, to solve capacity issues, to enhance service quality, to better manage the business environment and to drive transformation change. The organizations listed below have understood a fundamental truth – namely, by focusing internally and outsourcing non-core functions, they are able to scale faster. Here is a list of multinationals who already outsource: Google (to solve capacity issues), Alibaba (improving quality), Whatsap (reducing costs), Basecamp (focus on core business), Skype (accessing pool of talents and skills), Slack (accessing pool of talents and skills), GitHub (focus on core business) and Apple (to solve capacity issues). This is only the tip of the iceberg. Today, companies that want to compete on a global scale need to look for the most cost-effective and useful strategies possible, and outsourcing is high up on that list for the benefits of outsourcing is clear, particularly among tech multinationals.