The onboarding process

Companies know that onboarding is an important first step in cooperation. For some, the process takes just a few seconds whilst for others, it could take months.

Typical MSP onboarding process

How long the onboarding process takes depends on a lot of factors, but generally, the average client onboarding process at Nmore takes between 5 and 20 business days depending on the type of request, its complexity and urgency. The 20-day onboarding process looks like this: Week 1 – Sales to onboarding handoff and first kick off meeting takes place to determine goals and expectations, technical requirements, budgets, timelines, risks and opportunities which have previously been determined during the sales process, Week 2 – after internal meetings, further research and analysis, planning and forecasting takes place, as we proceed with a second meeting that outlines how technical requirements will be implemented and converted into outputs, Week 3 – once the client is satisfied with the terms, we leverage our knowledge base, tutorials and other resources to ensure that we establish clear communication channels with the client, and provide training and feedback where necessary, finally Week 4 – how quickly we achieve first success varies based on clients’ needs and the average time-to-value, nonetheless, within the first 20 days the client will see notable steps in the right direction.