About IT Services

IT services refer to the application of technical expertise to enable organizations in the management and optimization of information and business processes.

The infinite landscape of IT services

Here is a list of Nmore Group services, by no means does it constitute all IT services, it is simply meant to introduce the reader to the intricate nature of IT: IT Consulting – technology consulting, infrastructure strategy, digital transformation, IT process automation, business intelligence, IT recruitment, enterprise architecture and outsourcing consulting; IT Development – website design, website development, branding and naming, application design, application development, website backup and security, web hosting and domain management; IT Support – remote user IT support, onsite user IT support, corporate tech support and corporate outsourcing; Managed IT – IT project management, managed IT infrastructure, IT backup and recovery, hardware as a service, managed servers, managed networks, managed security, managed storage, managed software, routing and switching and access control and CCTV; lastly, Integration – hardware integration, software integration, systems integration and integration architecture.