When to outsource IT?

When a small task becomes an expensive time-killer, it’s time to consider outsourcing it. Scaling a business successfully means improving operations as you go.

Choosing the right time to outsource IT

More broadly expanded, an organization should consider outsourcing a function or activity if they do not have a distinctive competency in a particular functional area; it is that area that would be the candidate for outsourcing, but that is not always the case as outsourcing can become too expensive, even unnecessary (particularly when addressing trivial tasks which can be solved with user training). At Nmore Group we’ve worked on hundreds of project-based, subscription-based and fully outsourced projects, and as such have compiled a simple checklist that allows our clients to better understand if they need outsourcing. It is one thing to sign a monthly subscription to IT support, and it is a whole different story to outsource administration to a 3rd party. Ask yourself these three questions when outsourcing a function: Can I do it myself more efficiently? Do I have the infrastructure for it? and Will it be cheaper to insource?