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PS4 (2)
The next generation PlayStation console will be able to consume much less energy in standby mode than the PS4.
A Facebook spokesman informed Digital Trends that Zuckerberg is in the capital to meet with lawmakers "to hear their concerns and talk about future internet regulation."
Spotify 1
Spotify currently requests family subscription members to demonstrate that they live in the same household.
Rubiks cube
Youtubers Human Controllers Rubiks Cube starts to transform as it floats in the middle of the air, resolving itself in less than a minute.
Huawei mate 30
Days before Huawei reveals its fresh Mate 30 lineup, launching on September 19th without Google apps or services, pictures of four of the upcoming phones appear to have leaked online.
Apple's extended warranty, AppleCare+, has consistently covered a total of two years of iOS and Apple Watch devices. Now we have a new offer.
In the recent escalation of the trade war with China, the Trump administration has placed a tariff of 15 percent on Chinese goods worth $112 billion
Users can tell, "Siri, release my shoes" through the Nike Adapt app to unlace their shoes on their Apple Watch or iPhone.
Testing social media profiles of visa applicants to the U.S. has resulted in a student from Harvard being denied entry into the U.S. on Friday.
After all, the cryptocurrency of Telegram — the Gram — may go public.
fb messenger
It is reported that Facebook is developing a new messaging app to help users share more data with their close friends more often.
Despite the advancement’s amazon is going through with their mini scouts and the Ring camera, it seems like some essential issues need to be addressed.
Apple pay
Apple's fresh Goldman Sachs-backed credit card was introduced yesterday for all US iPhone consumers, and now we're learning all kinds of fun facts about the
Deadline revealed on Tuesday that the agreement between Marvel and Sony, could be coming to an end. Is this a goodbye to spiderman in Marvel?
MIT studies showed that algorithms for facial recognition are 30 percent more probable to misidentify dark-skinned woman than lighter-skinned men.
No battery – no smartphone. As your phone ages it gets harder to charge as well as keep the battery working for long hours.
bugatti centodieci
Centodieci means “one hundred and ten” in Italian. Bugatti wished to honor, without copying, the Italian-built EB110.
Frog Design reimagined Apple AirPods. The new design they came up with will surely surprise you, and hopefully in a positive manner.
Amazon Robot
Scout is a small, six-wheeled vehicle with a Prime logo embedded on its side, a variety of sensors that navigate it securely through the streets, sidewalks, driveways, and other random daily barriers.
On Friday Samsung announced the PM1733 PCIe Gen4 Solid State Drive (SSD), an enterprise-class drive that offers "the highest performance of any SSD on the market today."
iphone battery
Apple is looking to implement a permanent warning message that appears in the settings of the device to prevent third-party repairs on iPhone batteries.
Porsche began teasing us with its first all-electric car nearly four years ago, and since then we have learned a lot about it.
Camera lens
Blackmagic Design has disclosed its recent compact cinematographic camera, the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K.
Ambulance and police
Following two latest mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, President Trump will ask social media companies to take measures.
Google promised to incorporate recycled materials into all its Made By Google products by 2022.
Audi announced the E-tron scooter, a concept of an electric scooter you ride like a skateboard, its first serious attempt at electric vehicles.
Now its Amazons turn to bow down to the EU's pressure on people to review their respective digital assistants recordings.
tesla brand
Tesla is prosecuted by a 50-year-old man's family who died in a crash while using the company's sophisticated driver aid system called Autopilot.
FB brain
To many, the concept of typing with your thoughts might sound like a fantasy, but for the past couple of years, Facebook has been funding research. And it’s not in vain.
Windows apps
Have you ever had difficulty seeing text, menus, cursor, or other items in Windows? The text might be too tiny, the cursor is too thin, or there is insufficient contrast on the screen. Whatever the problem is, it can be fixed
Space X 1
The workhorse rocket of SpaceX, the Falcon 9, had a good year of launches. SpaceX is preparing for Number 8 with the AMOS-17 mission with seven flights and seven successful landings.
Apple Card
The Apple card will start accepting applications in August. The care will be issued in both digital and titanium physical form.
Amazon's surveillance camera Ring, partnered with 200 law enforcement units across the US. Policemen will be able to request footage that they find important.
Cover Siri
Apple pays contractors to listen to recorded Siri discussions,employees have heard accidental recordings of the private life of customers.
clean pc
Junk builds up which takes up space and resources are wasted. Every day life is hectic and many people forget to perform maintenance.
According to a new conclusion by the Senate, Russian hackers have targeted the elections in all 50 states. Not 30 or 21 as mentioned in 2017.
Whatsapp is owned by Facebook so it is very reasonable to discuss certain security concerns, malware threats and spam that is appearing on WhatsApp.
iPhone 11
Some insights on the new iPhone 11. Although this information is very limited it can give you an idea and some other links you could visit to find out more.
When your PC starts running slow it may be reasonable to consider an upgrade on your PC. These are the parts you should be looking at.
Libra credit card
Pay attention to fake Libra providers. Scams are already roaming the web and Facebook is having a hard time to manage the threat.
Big brother
How awesome would it be if you could detect the presence of a hidden camera just with your phone? It is something that can be easily done now with apps on your phone.
Iphone Intel
Apple may be concluding an agreement to purchase Intel's $1 billion abandoned smartphone modem company, with the Wall Street Journal reporting today that an agreement could be announced as soon as next week.
asus rog phone
Asus' first ROG gaming device has been one of the most maximalist approaches to date, so it is only suitable for the business to follow up with a fresh model to remain on the throne.
The Apple Airpods are currently one of the world's most famous wireless earbuds. They're not, however, the only earbuds in the market.
Youtube music
Youtube Music has launched a nice little function that allows consumers to watch the music video of the song you're listening to without any disruption.⁣
Thanks to a fresh aging filter, FaceApp — which utilizes neural networks to drastically edit your photos — is skyrocketing to social media popularity, but Democrats are not on board with the fun.
Facial Recognition
The technology of facial recognition has shifted rapidly from science fiction to fact. Companies have raced to publish facial recognition products over the previous few years.
fb finance
Democrats in Congress are considering a fresh bill to halt the cryptocurrency plans of Facebook in its tracks.
Facebook upset
Facebook's $5 billion is little more than a slap on the wrist, considering its size, reach, and value.
The canon Ivy Rec is about the size of a USB flash card and connects to the companion CanonMini Cam App wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to display a live preview on your device.
Steve Huffman was born on November 12, 1983. An American entrepreneur and a web developer. You can easily find him on Reddit by the username “spez”.
stranger things 3
Microsoft has published a fresh app that should appeal to technology geeks, fans of Stranger Things, and freaks of nostalgia alike.
Netflix Hangouts is a new Chrome extension that tries to make it easier to get away with watching Netflix while you’re supposed to be working.
G Suite
G Suite offers state-of-the-art characteristics that boost productivity and effectiveness. NMORE group, your certified Google Cloud Partner, is ready to help you with the installation of G suite, tailored for your business needs.
5G internet
5G, the next generation of wireless technology, promises to do a lot of things. It'll allow you to download big games and movies in a flash.
According to fresh estimates released by scientists at the University of Cambridge, Bitcoin consumes more energy than the entire Swiss nation.
Samsung Electronics expects its operating profit for the second quarter to fall by more than half from the previous year
French lawmakers endorsed a measure on Thursday to force tech businesses such as Facebook and Google to remove content deemed as "hate speech" by the French government.
online privacy
Big business is private data, and everyone is attempting to watch you. Secret services, governments, Microsoft, cyber criminals, and your creepy road neighbor all want to learn all the time what you're doing.
Samsung Galaxy S10
The Australian Commission on Competition and Consumer Affairs (ACCC) takes Samsung to court on claims that it misled clients about the nature of the water resistance of multiple devices.
facetime iphone
The third beta of iOS 13 involves a fresh function that makes it look like you're looking straight at your front-facing camera during FaceTime calls, even when you look away from the individual on your screen.
facebook libra
House Democrats are calling on Facebook to stop the creation of its suggested Libra cryptocurrency initiative and its digital Calibra wallet until Congress and regulators have time to explore the potential hazards it presents to the global financial system.
Alexa Amazon
Amazon has confessed that the stored information it obtains through speech interactions with the company's Alexa and Echo systems is not always deleted — even after a customer decides to remove the audio files from their account.
Sabrent SSD
Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 SSD from the U.S. company is now accessible for purchase from Amazon.
At least one Windows system rescue disk should be accessed by every Windows user. A Windows system rescue disk is a retrieval mode that can be booted. Usually the recovery environment has a lot of useful instruments that you can use to solve Windows, or at least diagnose the problem. Many Windows rescue disks are using a Linux environment. But there are also retrieval disks instead using
The American internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist and author co-founded and became the executive chairman of LinkedIn. He is ranked #630 on the Forbes 2017 list of the world's billionaires, with a net worth of US$3.3 billion. Hoffman was born in Palo Alto, California. During his childhood, he describes himself as once being a tabletop roleplaying gamer and had gotten his first paid job (at age 12) as
Taxis, car sharing and similar services are always in competition around the world. The Hamburg-based startup provides a range of mobility services, from carpooling to electric scooter rentals and has raised $30 million in Series B funding. The round was led by KCK Group, with participation from previous backer Blumberg Capital and other non-disclosed investors. The German company says the investment will be used to expand the
IBM has announced that they will be acquiring open-source software company Red Hat. The for $34 billion deal will help IBM expand its reach as an enterprise cloud computing provider. Self-described leading provider of open source software and services for enterprise customers, Red hat focuses on cloud computing and Linux servers. In 2012, it became the first company providing open-source software to surpass $1 billion in revenue...
Samsung will launch a long-awaited foldable phone, Galaxy X early next year. Samsung is supposedly still deciding whether the device will fold out vertically or horizontally, which seems very strange considering the company recently suggested the device will already be ready to be displayed at Samsung’s developer conference next month. In that case, perhaps Samsung may instead present conceptual details of the design and user...

8 Easy Computer Hacks

Eight easy hacks for you to use on your computer. Save time and increase your productivity! 1. Find out all the information Google knows about you. Google will provide you with all the information they have collected on you. You can see this by checking out the: History – Your entire Google search history. Ads – What Google thinks your interests are and the ads they are
The founder of the Dell Inc. - is the world-famous American Michael Dell. On September 2018, he was ranked as the 39th richest person in the world by Forbes. He was born in 1965 on February 23 in the city of Houston, Texas, into a prosperous family. His parents were educated and wealthy people. His father worked as an orthodontist and his mother as a stockbroker. Like is an artificial intelligence-driven personal assistant who schedules meetings for you. has raised $44 million to tackle a substantial small problem: scheduling emails. When emailing to set up a meeting, a user copies or to take over the logistics. These bots process natural language in order to set up a meeting the way a human assistant would — but for much less money.
In the wake of their most recent hack, Facebook has been reportedly in search for cybersecurity aid, planning to purchase a cybersecurity firm in order to gain key security talent and to serve as a positive public relation move. To recap, the hacking, which took place a month ago, resulted in access tokens stolen for more than 30 million accounts (pared down from an initial estimate of
The DNT (Do Not Track) feature you often see pop up on various sites does not actually work! A new study (Forrester Research) has found that the DNT feature in web browsers, which is supposed to shield you from the spamming ads and data collection, is not actually performing. The DNT was first enforced by data consumer advocates nearly a decade ago but has been recently discovered
Paidy is a Japanese fintech startup that potentially will allow shoppers to shop online without a credit card! Instead, shoppers pay cash on delivery or at convenience stores, which function as combination logistics/payment centers in many Japanese cities. This solution protects the customers from fraud as they do not have to enter their credit card information online and worry about where that data is being stored or

Browser Life-Hacks

By definition, a life hack is a strategy, technique or shortcut that can help make life easier, by speeding up efficiency and enhancing productivity. In this compilation, we share with you 20 of our favorite browser life hacks – start life hacking today! Let’s kick it off. Did you just close the browser tab you had opened for days? Are you about to through your computer out
Evan Spiegel is the co-founder and CEO of the American multinational technology and social media company Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat. In 2015 Evan Spiegel at 25 years old was named the youngest billionaire in the world! Spiegel was born in Los-Angeles, into a family of lawyers. He was educated at the Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica, and attended Stanford University.
Last week, the Razer Phone 2 was announced on Wednesday at a keynote led by Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan. Previous leaks have shown that it will share a very similar design to the company’s original smartphone. Reportedly Amazon was at fault to prematurely divulging more details about the phone. A now-pulled listing from Amazon Italy had revealed a few key specs ahead of the originally planned reveal.
On September 12, Apple announced the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. They will officially replace the iPhone X, which has already been pulled from Apple store, following the big announcement. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are practically one and the same they just come in two different sizes. XR is a cheaper, more colorful phone with a few compromises, starting at $749
If you haven’t already head, Jack Ma a Chinese business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, AI and technology. He is one of China's richest men with a net worth of US$38.6 billion, as well as one of the wealthiest people in the world. Speculations of Jack Ma’s retirement have
A pay-to-use advertising service is produced by WhatsApp. Brands can opt into this service to better customer engagement. This bold step creates a new revenue stream for the messaging app (owned by Facebook), discarding of their subscription fees in 2016 and permits businesses to exchange information or services updates, i.e. delivery information or tickets. The fee for the pay-to-use service will depend on conformed delivery...
The former vice president of Mac hardware who has once left Apple in order to become Tesla’s chief engineer, has quit Tesla in June following a leave of absence and according to Apple returned to Cupertino to work on the companies secretive self-driving car “Project Titan” program. After Tesla failed to meet its initial first quarter goal for the Model 3, Elon Musk himself took over the

Wireless Revolution

Our world is changing rapidly, with new futuristic innovations bombarding almost daily as we move on further into the tech-dominated era. The one things that seem to keep constraining the evolution of technology and has become a burden even for the most iterate technological innovations is the common dependence on charging. To maintain our working gizmos and gadgets we have to rely on charging. We are shackled...
Back in May 2018 F8 conference, Facebook debuted their add-on mobile dating feature causing Match Group’s (Tinder and OkCupid) stock to plummet by more than 17 %. Presently Facebook began testing the new service internally with employees. Once you create a separate profile for dating, Facebook Dating will match your profile (similar to Tinder) with another person via a mutual "like". Once that happens you...
There will be robots in the offices designed for solving simple routine tasks. Paper correspondence and other small items employees will be able to send to each other via drones. Cybersecurity will be the answer to protection: they will report everything suspicious and will leave the operator with the option to take measures remotely. And the employees themselves will have the opportunity, if necessary...
The biography of Sean Parker, former Facebook president and co-founder of many successful start-ups is very cinematic. In the second grade, his father taught him how to program on the Atari 800 home computer. By his senior classes, Parker knew how to hack websites of companies and universities. At 15, he was caught hacking by FBI. In 16 he received an offer of cooperation from the CIA,
A couple of weeks ago Apple made the decision to ban crypto mining apps from the Apple Store on iPhone and iPad. In their App Store review guidelines, Apple now states that "apps, including any third-party advertisements displayed within them, may not run unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency mining." The ban is enforced due to fraudulent programmers...
The successful entrepreneur and author Brian Halligan has founded the infamous Hubspot, an inbound marketing and sales software company that has raised more than $100 million in funding, gone public, and brought in $82.3 million in total revenue in Q1 of this year. After earning a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Vermont, a Halligan graduated with a master’s degree in 2005 from M.I.T...
Reminiscent of Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram is adding a new feature which will allow you to see when your friends are online and available to chat! Instagram noted, “When your friends are active on Instagram, you’ll see a green dot next to their profile picture in various spaces within the app, including the Direct inbox and your friend list when you share a post from the feed.” This...
Prior to the opening of the start-up "Airbnb," Brian Chesky knew little about technology. He was an ordinary guy who studied industrial design and practised sports. In the end, he was able to come up with the idea that turned into a multi-million-dollar start-up and made him one of the most influential players on the Silicon Valley scene. Chesky was born and raised in the city of
The life of hackers and computer geniuses has always been fascinating to viewers, but little was known about their activities. However, it's not enough to just make a movie about hackers, it's more important to convey the lives of such people, how they came to it, their thoughts, reasoning, and ideas. With this aim in mind, films and series about hackers and computer geniuses have been increasingly
In their latest move to develop more consumer hardware, Facebook poached a top Google chip developer, Shahriar Rabii, to help them build their very own silicon. Facebook is following the example of many tech giants that are bringing chip design in-house rather than relying on big-name suppliers like Intel and Qualcomm. The new chips will potentially replace Qualcomm’s own, currently used in Facebook’s
Not having a definitive purpose for your Instagram. This particular mistake involves a bit of philosophy within itself. But, in truth, having figured out what you want to gain from this social site, can help clear up in which direction one should move, if of course move at all. Because for example you can run your Instagram account like a life album, and that means you won’t
How long has it been since you have sent a letter written on actual paper? Mandatory cases aside, we can boldly say - we have not done that for a long time. After all, it is faster and much easier to open a phone or to sit down at a computer, go to your e-mail and write a letter without leaving your home. But this is a...
News about Microsoft and Google bidding for GitHub, a web-based development platform that allows it’s users to build software, manage projects, host and review code and so much more, have been circulating the web for a while now. Chris Wanstrath, GitHub founder, reportedly preferred to go with Microsoft’s bid due to his close relations with the CEO Satya Nadella. In the last few years,
Celonis, a Munich start-up company that aims to decrease process inefficiencies by gathering and analysing logistical data in real time has previously raised $27.5 million, this time around the $50 million, totaling their funds to $77.5 million and its valuation up to $1 billion. Founder and CEO Alexander Rinke developed Celonis with the thought in mind that it just took too much time (5 days on average)
We are now providing cutting-edge technology solutions in Cyprus. You can join a community of progressive individuals and share wealth of professional and personal experience. The team is here to solve business front-line concerns. With NMORE there will be no more outdated hardware, no more downtime;