Windows PE-based bootable disks

At least one Windows system rescue disk should be accessed by every Windows user. A Windows system rescue disk is a retrieval mode that can be booted. Usually the recovery environment has a lot of useful instruments that you can use to solve Windows issues, or at least diagnose the problem.

Many Windows rescue disks are using a Linux environment. But there are also retrieval disks that use the Windows Preinstallation Environment (PE). A Windows PE rescue disk has a familiar operating environment, good hardware help and software to solve your system.

What is Windows PE

Windows PE is Windows 10’s lightweight operating system version. It can be used to install, test, and repair a complete Windows 10 installation. A Windows PE recovery disk works with all variants of Windows 10: Home, Pro, Education, Enterprise, etc.

The base version of Windows PE supports all Windows apps, drivers, networking instruments, disk partitioning and management, instruments for Computer Management, Hyper-V, and more. Windows PE-based recovery disks upgrade this feature by adding tons of free and open source instruments that you can use to recover, restore, and evaluate your Windows 10 setup.

1. Bob.Omb’s Modified Win10PEx64

Bob.Omb’s Modified Win10PEx64 rescue disk is a modified environment for Windows Preinstallation. It has a long list of instruments for recovery and evaluation, including Malwarebytes Antimalware, data recovery from EaseUS, FileZilla, Rufus, and more.

Bob.Omb’s also involves several ransomware decryptors, unlike some other Windows 10 PE rescue disks. The ransomware decryptors can scan for viruses, extract and restore your encrypted documents on your system. They work only with specific types of ransomware, however, so don’t try to use them on any ancient form of viruses— you might make the disease worse.

Download: Bob.OMBs WIN10PEx64 for Windows (Free)

2. Hiren’s BootCD PE

Hiren’s BootCD is a legendary rescue disk for Windows. It’s an all-in-one bootable rescue disk, packed with instruments to assist you with recovery from drive errors, malware, restoration of passwords, account management, etc.

The BootCD of the initial Hiren was a Linux environment. But in 2012 it stopped getting updates. Hiren’s BootCD, however, was revitalized in 2018 as a Windows PE rescue disk. It features loads of open source and free instruments for recovery, all in a familiar Windows 10 environment. Here you can check out the complete tool list.

Download: Hiren’s BootCD PE for windows (Free)

3. Kyhi’s Recovery Drive

Kyhi’s Recovery Drive is a custom Windows 10 PE environment, also known as Windows 10 Recovery Tools— Bootable PE Rescue Disk. In this situation, the user of TenForum, Kyhi, has created an atmosphere packed with system restore and retrieval instruments for Windows 10 PE.

Kyhi’s retrieval drive has a significant amount of tools for malware removal, disk partitioning and repairing, management, VNC, backup and recovery, and much more.

Developer, Kyhi, stopped issuing pre-made ISO disks for recovery. But the initial release for 2017 can be downloaded below.

Download: Kyhi’s Recovery Drive for Windows (Free)

4. Sergei Streclec’s WinPE

The WinPE of Sergei Streclec is a rescue disk based on Russian Windows PE. WinPE has a good variety of retrieval instruments, applications for network assessment, backup tools, archive instruments, and more.

The organization is a pleasant touch in the WinPE of Sergei Streclec. All the instruments are structured into useful categories, so you’ll immediately discover what you’re looking for.

Note: Please notice that the password of the archive is strelec. To unlock the retrieval instruments, you need the password!

Download: WinPE for Windows (Free)

5. Gandalf’s Windows 10PE x64

The official name of the build is “Gandalf’s Windows 10PE x64 Redstone 5 Build 17763 Version 04-30-2019.” Gandalf’s Windows 10PE Recovery Disk features hundreds of instruments that can be used to rescue your system when needed.

Gandalf’s definitely packs the most in as far as Windows PE-based retrieval disks go, coming with about 200 instruments.

These programs include instruments for disk retrieval, applications for network assessment, diagnostic instruments for hardware and software, backup programs, applications for malware, firewall, and much more. Gandalf’s recovery disk also gets an update every few months, meaning that most of the applications and instruments for retrieval run their recent versions.

Download: Windows 10PE x64 from Gandalf for Windows (Free)

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