With so much invested in your business, keeping it safe and secure is a top priority


While business owners might want to think crime will never strike their companies, it's a risk many aren't willing to take. To help protect their offices and stores, many have installed video surveillance equipment that allows them to record everything that's happening internally and externally.

Video surveillance systems include several types of cameras that keep watch over a business, as well as digital recorders that store all videos for review. Many systems not only let you check the videos from inside the business, but also give you the ability to check your feed remotely via smart devices.

Secure Your Office

In a very smart and technological way.
  • Door access control systems – single door solutions, PC-based single-site solutions and multi-site central server enterprise systems
  • Biometric technology; Facial recognition;
  • Integration with ANPR, speed lanes, turnstiles vehicle barriers and gates; Remote lock/unlock
  • Door entry systems – hard-wired single door solutions to fully networked digital systems
  • Intruder detection systems;
  • Remote monitoring of systems at Mitec utilising BR Redcare, Dualcom and Webway.

For Any Size Home & Office
Available Wired & Wireless

Security Alarm Systems


Standart and Video
Wired and Wireless

Intercom Systems


RF ID and Password Access
Fingerprint and IRIS are Optional

Access Control Systems


Security Simplified

Smart Locks


Mostly Designed for Indoor Use
Available Analog and PoE

Dome Survelliance Cameras


Mostly Designed for Outdoor Use
Available Analog and PoE

Bullet Survelliance Cameras

  • CCTV Installation and Maintenance
  • Standalone Digital Recording Systems
  • Network Based PoE Recording Systems
  • Remotely-monitored systems incorporating alarm management, remote access control
  • Full enterprise-level networked IP systems using megapixel technology, latest video compression, PoE, HD video and open protocol software and analytics software
  • Integration with PIDS systems
  • Wireless IP camera technology