You need your people happy and productive. Our team will make it happen.

Service Level Agreements Tailored to Your Needs

Our team can help you create Service Level Agreements which meet your requirements . Our Dedicated Support Team (DST) ensures that every technician s receives ongoing training to guarantee the quality of the service, by using the latest techniques and technologies.

Unparalleled Support Portal in Cyprus

The service desk supports users across the country and provides remote support in multiple languages. Once an end user makes a service request – be it by phone, email or web form – we aim to resolve that call via service desk as soon as possible.
We understand that for any type of business - availability and up time are critical for efficiency and success. Free yourself from back-end hustle and upgrade to full managed IT support with NMORE - this includes monthly infrastructure check-ups with reports, which if followed correctly will ensure your business will always be online with minimal downtime - this saves time and money if you consider all your staff being idle for even 30 mins.

Computer power and efficiency is also crucial for maximizing your business efficiency, as your employees are potentially wasting up to 45 days per calendar year, which is caused by them waiting for their computer, web pages and excel documents to respond. This can be fixed with minor investments in upgrades of your existing infrastructure which will add more value than money invested, considering the improved efficiency that is going to stay with your team for years ahead.