What makes an electric scooter cost $5,000?

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The term “hypercar” undermines cars with extreme specs and price tags. So, what do you think of when the prefix “hyper” is used to describe an electric scooter? D-Fly Group, a transportation company based in London, brought together automotive grade manufacturing, advanced materials, cutting-edge engineering and technology to the micro mobility sector. Take a look at the company’s new product – the Dragonfly hyperscooter.

Premium materials are used to make this scooter such as carbon fiber, 7000 series aerospace-grade aluminum and paulownia wood. It’s also equipped with dual motors and can reach a top speed of 61 kph. Each wheel has traction control amounting to 1,800 watts and a great amount of torque. You also have an option to upgrade to a long-range batter pack which will last you approximately 45 km. D-Fly Group are always waiting for a patent “Full-tilt” steering technology, inspired by F1 racing, which used 3D tilt and twist controls.


The 4.5-inch display is ultra HD (4K) and allows customers to access various apps such as GPS navigators (after pairing to your phone via Bluetooth). Obviously, you can also monitor the speed at which you are travelling. Moreover, the sound system is also of very high quality.

All of this is amazing, but what’s more amazing is the ridiculous price tag. The basic model, three wheeled version starts at $5,000, and the four-wheeled version approaching the $6,000 mark. Throwing in more options will get your price tag to absurd levels. The full pricing will be released in mid-2020.

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