Weekly Heroes – Sean Parker

Sean Parker - a Self-Taught Genius

The biography of Sean Parker, former Facebook president and co-founder of many successful start-ups is very cinematic.

In the second grade, his father taught him how to program on the Atari 800 home computer. By his senior classes Parker knew how to hack websites of companies and universities.

At 15, he was caught hacking by FBI. In 16 he received an offer of cooperation from the CIA, but chose an internship at the FreeLoader startup. Officially, this was considered an educational program, in which training is combined with practical work. In fact, he did not study at all. For that year, Parker earned $ 80,000 – it helped finally persuade parents that their son is doing well with his profession and without a diploma.

In 1999, Sean became famous for his help in creating Napster. Napster is a peer-to-peer network for sharing music files. This service has turned the entire music industry around. At the age of 24 he met with Mark Zuckerberg at Palo Alto and subsequently became president of the Facebook project. As of August 15, 2012, he owned 3.2% of the company’s shares. On March 10, 2013, Sean Parker got into the Top-10 of the youngest billionaires by Forbes. The next stage of his work – Plaxo and Facebook and by 31 years he had a net worth of $2 billion. Now he develops his own projects and advise people on startup investing.

The recipe of Sean Parker’s success

A gifted developer at the very beginning of his career found an ideal way to learn – to participate in interesting projects, where you need the most current knowledge in IT. This will pump your skills and you will learn to make money out of it.

His clients also noted that, Parker has a very deep knowledge in various fields and the ability to concentrate. The entrepreneur himself says: “When I am working on a specific task, I am so abstracted from everything else that I practically enter the trance. I constantly have to cancel or re-schedule something to work on the most important things”

Fun Fact: Sean Parker was one of the characters in the movie “Social Network” (2010), directed by David Fincher. The role of Parker in the film was played by Justin Timberlake and after the movie he gained a massive interest from various journalists.

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