Weekly Heroes – Brian Chesky

Airbnb Inventor Brian Chesky

Prior to the opening of the start-up “Airbnb,” Brian Chesky knew little about technology. He was an ordinary guy who studied industrial design and practised sports. In the end, he was able to come up with the idea that turned into a multi-million-dollar start-up and made him one of the most influential players on the Silicon Valley scene.

Chesky was born and raised in the city of Niskejuna, in the state of New York. In childhood, he was equally fond of sports and drawing. Therefore, in his spare time, he liked to come up with designs for the new Nike sneakers. Through this young Brian had discovered his love of drawing. There were no questions about what to study. In 1999, Cesky entered the School of Design of Rhode Island. There he was able to realise his childhood dreams: to study industrial design and to practice hockey, not only to engage in but also to become the captain of the local hockey team. I was there that the fateful meeting of Chesky with Joe Gebbia, who later founded Airbnb, took place.

According to Gebbia, after the graduation, he took Chesky aside and said: “Before you leave, I’ll tell you something. One day we will open our company with you, and a book will be written about it.” Who knew that these words would be so prophetic? After completing his studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, Chesky went to Los Angeles to work.

Soon after he wanted to move to San Francisco with his friend Gebbia. For this decision, he had a lot of reasons …In 2007, in San Francisco, a significant design conference took place which caused all of the rooms in local hotels to be booked out. It was then that the idea comes to Gebbia’s head. He offered Chesky to organise a short-term rental service for those who had nowhere to stay. Together with a third co-founder named Nathan Blecharczyk, Gebbia and Chesky launched a project, which was then called Airbedandbreakfast.com. Since then, Airbnb not only shortened their name but also expanded vastly: in 2016, it was used in more than 34 thousand cities. A year later, more than 60 million people used it. At the moment, the company is valued at $ 31 billion and ranks second on the list of the most expensive start-ups in the United States. How about that?

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