We are likely getting a Galaxy S20 “Fan edition” on 23rd of September

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was released recently along with Note 20, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Z Fold 2, some tablets, and more. Yet still, the company is not done with their releases. On the 23rd of September at 10 AM ET, there will be another Samsung Unpacked virtual event. The reason why people think that the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will be revealed is that the event is called “Galaxy Unpacked for Every Fan.”

Android Police has recently found the phone on Verizon’s website. Rumour has it that it will be a downgraded version of the standard S20, but it will keep some specs such as the Snapdragon 865 processor and probably the 120Hz display. The resolution might be dropped to 1080p. The exact price is unknown yet, but it will surely be lower than the S20.

You can visit Verizon to see the S20 fan edition in several colors such as red, pink, mint green, and dark blue. Samsung might offer other colors in other regions across various carriers. You can see from the original event banner on top, the dark blue and mint green colors are exposed.

Why did they call it the “Fan Edition”? It is probably due to retaining many of the S20 specs. Using the word lite implies that the device is downgraded itself, which is not the case with the “Fan Edition”.

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