Trump’s ads will dominate YouTube during election day


Donald Trumps ads will be all over YouTube’s homepage on the re-election campaign in 2020 according to Bloomberg.

Trumps team has bought out YouTube’s ad space for early November, as well as for the election day, November 3rd. YouTube gathers a lot of traffic , so the campaign is aiming to catch the eyes of millions of people during the most important days.

Last year, Trumps campaign has spent between $500,000 to $1 million on ad space, before the first Democratic presidential debate in June. You could watch this debate livestreaming on YouTube, and the ads were showing Trumps face to potential Democratic voters.

We are not sure about the cost of the ad space, but it can cost campaigns more than $1 million a day. YouTube introduced a tool called Instant Reserve that allowed campaigns to reserve ad space on certain days. This is the Tool that Trumps campaign has used to acquire the space.

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