Trump’s ad campaign account was banned from tweeting… but why?

Twitter announced it will block President Trump’s campaign page from tweeting unless it deleted a message that violated Twitter’s COVID-19 misinformation laws, the company reported to The Verge Wednesday night. It appears, that @TeamTrump has deleted the message in breach of the rules, because it tweeted many times yesterday evening again.

According to The Washington Post, the tweet in question was a video from an interview Trump provided to Fox News where he wrongly said that children were “almost immune” to COVID-19.

If you try to see the post now, a message will pop up saying that the post “is no longer available,” since it broke the rules of Twitter. President Trump had also shared a link to the post from his personal account, but following the link now pulls up an error message that says, “something went wrong.”

Earlier today, Facebook deleted a post from Trump’s Facebook account which consisted of a video where Trump was making the same false claim, once again breaking Facebooks policy on misinformation.

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