Trump is accusing Apple for refusing to unlock criminals’ phones

Trump’s tweet shows potential tension that might happen between Apple and the US Department of Justice. Trump claims that Apple is refusing to unlock two iPhone’s connected to last month’s shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida.

Attorney General William Barr accused Apple yesterday too, saying that the tech company provided no “substantive assistance” to the FBI in unlocking the shooters phones. There are many nuances though.

Apple claims that they were indeed assisting the FBI with Pensacola phones, by providing data backed up from the phones to iCloud servers and account information, according to The Verge. Apple also mentions that they have handed over gigabytes of data and have been responding to each request within hours. Apple suggested that the FBI was satisfied until just eight days ago. Apple says The FBI only notified us on January 6th that they needed additional assistance — a month after the attack occurred.”

Apple encryption

Apparently its also not so simple to just “unlock” an iPhone for the feds. Apple has already previously refused to unlock an iPhone of one of the San Bernadino shooters back in 2016, which led to a legal fight. In the end the federal government realized that they didn’t really need Apples help, since they payed a third-party tool to break into that iPhone. Moreover, the investigators were able to find the password on their own. Back then Apple claimed that they didn’t have the ability to unlock customers iPhones for the feds, and that they were not planning to build a backdoor into every iPhone because it could create a dangerous loophole which could be also used by hackers.

New York Times have mentioned that Apple is preparing for a new legal fight over the iPhones encryption standards and the governments desire for a backdoor. Apple is also frustrated that the feds did not spend more time trying to unlock the shooters iPhone 5 and iPhone 7 plus. These phones lack Apple’s mot sophisticated encryption.

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