Stranger Things 4 trailer teases a return of someone special

The first teaser for Stranger Things 4 is out, the upcoming fourth season of its series. It features a special character which is loved by the fans.

Not too much information is given with this tease, but we can surely see that Stranger Things 4 will be taking place outside Hawkins, Indiana. As you can see it shows a group of workers building a railroad in Russia.

Spoilers below for Stranger Things 3

What is surprising is the end of the clip, where we can see Chief Jim Hopper, which is quite crazy since he clearly perished in an extradimensional portal in season 3. We can assume that his survival is linked to the latest supernatural meddling in the Upside Down.

The release date is still not known for the fourth season of Stranger things, but since the marketing campaign has begun, it should be on Netflix pretty soon.

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