Segway’s new egg-shaped vehicle is one of a kind


Segway’s new S-Pod, an egg-shaped two wheeled vehicle from Segway, will let people sit while they cruise around parks, airports and maybe even cities in the near future. The traditional gyroscopic Segway technology is powering this machine too, but it is not driven by leaning forward or backwards, it is controlled by a little joystick on the right side of the seat.

Segway mentions that their technology will always keep the chair level and quick changes in direction is aided by the two-wheel setup. Nevertheless, there are three more small wheels visible under the chair, probably for moving it around when the motors are off.


According to Segway, the inspiration came from the gyroshpere from Jurassic World. The S-Pod reaches an astonishing 38 km/h… still not enough to get away from a dinosaur.

The Verge has mentioned that the S-Pod will debut in the third quarter of 2020. Sales are planned for 2021. Not much was revealed about the cost of the vehicle.

Overall the S-Pod is much different from Segway’s classic lineup. It seems that the S-Pod is much easier to automate than the traditional stand-up Segway… maybe it won’t have to be driven manually at all.

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