Revisit Windows 1.0 with Microsoft’s 1.11 App

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Microsoft has published a fresh app that should appeal to technology geeks, fans of Stranger Things, and freaks of nostalgia alike. Windows 1.11 is a Windows 1.0-inspired app with a Stranger Things twist. And by any metric, it’s a great advertising tie-in.

Microsoft began posting cryptic texts on social media at the start of July 2019. “The all-new Windows 1.0” was teasing the business, causing individuals to speculate about what Microsoft was up to. Windows 1.0 was initially published in 1985 after all.

That date proved to be a large clue, as Stranger Things 3 is set in the summer of 1985, which debuted on Netflix on July 4. And as many of us thought as a result, Microsoft’s Windows 1.0 teasing is actually a marketing tie-in to Stranger Things.

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In honor of Eleven from Stranger Things, who is Hawkins ‘ greatest weapon against the Mind Flayer, the app is called Windows 1.11. With the initial Command Prompt, Paint and Write versions, and pixelated video footage, the UI is pure Windows 1.0.

The app’s concept is to work through the hints to save Hawkins City, Indiana. You will have to read documents, play mini-games (with graphics reminiscent of the 80s), and put it all together. And it’s so much fun.

Windows 1.11 is currently accessible. Microsoft is also running Camp Know where this summer’s store events are taking place. There are also topics and wallpapers as well as the opportunity to win an arcade cabinet for Stranger Things 3. Find out more here.

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