Premium plan for couples introduced by Spotify

Spotify makes premium subscription for couples who live together easy, matching their taste for music too. The business is introducing Premium Duo, the new premium service, costing $12.99 a month and enabling two people living in the same location to share a subscription while keeping their own accounts.

Spotify can now create a special Duo Mix playlist, with Premium Duo, that updates and integrates music that is really common between you and your partner. The hope is that Spotify understands how uniquely you and your partner are, and the algorithm will create a playlist that you can put up in the house and which would relate to you both. You can switch between the a calm playlist or a more upbeat playlist.

Existing Premium users may switch to Premium Duo at any point, and no history or preferences would be lost. A family subscription costs $2 more than a Duo subscription. This also comes with a special Family Mix playlist which promises the same as the Duo Mix except that it represents the tastes of the entire family. The cost of subscription is $9.99.

Spotify specifically aims to have plans for everyone and every stage of life a premium plan. It provides student discounts, a family package, and now a couple plan. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Spotify has focused on recurring subscription sales as advertisers tighten up their budgets. The firm said its ad-supported sales fall shy of the estimate in its most recent earnings report and subsequently reduced its outlook on revenue for the year.

As such, Premium is attempted to become a more appealing choice by adding features only available to subscribers. Premium users can share DJ tasks with someone near them and, for example, hide songs from playlists. In the past it provided premium members with free Hulu and Google Home Mini. Spotify hopes that everyone will eventually become a Premium subscriber with more plans and more features.

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