Offices of the Future: What Changes Await Us?

1. Reclining work

A sedentary lifestyle can have a negative impact on health, and staying in one pose long-term has a damaging effect on one’s performance. One of the most interesting options for resolving the issue is turning the office into a free space, where each employee can have several options for organising the workplace. Tired of sitting? You can move to a bar like seating. Is it hard to stand? Lay down on the sofa. It is assumed that with this organisation of work that fatigue is reduced, and that the performance indicators increase.

2. Badge against conflicts

Employee badges will track their emotions: the built-in microphone controls the tone, volume and speed of speech. The program analyses these data and assesses the situation in the office: how willing and friendly the colleagues communicate with each other, whether there is any tension between them. Besides, the badge will become with an identification document: it will open a safe, allow you to go into a room with limited access and so on.

3. Robots instead of people

There will be robots in the offices designed for solving simple routine tasks. Paper correspondence and other small items employees will be able to send to each other via drones. Cybersecurity will be the answer to protection: they will report everything suspicious and will leave the operator with the option to take measures remotely. And the employees themselves will have the opportunity, if necessary, not to appear in the office physically, but to work remotely using telepresence robots with mobile stations equipped with a camera and a monitor.

New inventions are sometimes so surprising that futurologists and science fiction writers could not even fathom anything like it. Inevitably the offices of the future will become even more convenient and more functional than we can imagine. What other surprises are prepared for us by bright minds – we will soon find out for ourselves!

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