Multiplayer mode in Buzzfeed’s quizzes to help you socialise from home


BuzzFeed releases a multiplayer version of their classic Quiz Party, which can be played concurrently in your browser by you and up to three friends. This feature gives you a unique URL for your group to share with friends so that you can play together.

Currently the functionality is rather simple. Each one of you ultimately is already completing the test alone, so no chat feature allows you to communicate with your mates. However, it is much more social than simply sharing the results of a social media questionnaire and waiting for your friends to complete it.

If you focus on questions individually, you can see the success of each player at the bottom of the screen and you get the results as a party. So there is nowhere to hide if a quiz sorts you into Hufflepuff instead of Gryffindor.

The business has been witnessing a huge interest in quizzes, Buzzfeed’s CTO, Peter Wang, tells TechCrunch. Traffic has tripled since March, with curiosity apparently sparked by people who attempt, despite being isolated at home during the pandemic, to keep themselves amused. He adds that over time, Quiz Party is expected to grow. That means more tests, but new features like music and chat support could also be developed, the CTO said.

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