Moxie : $1,500 robot for your kid


The newest educational technology arrives in the form of a seven pound robot. Moxie has been designed to educate children at home. A delectable instructional robot. But it is pricey. The device itself amounts to $1,500 and for the first year needs a monthly fee of $60.

The robot will teach children, aged 6-9, about cognitive, emotional and social aspects of life. Children are asked to help Moxie explore and learn human lifestyle experiences such as learning new words or chatting about important experiences such as visiting the dentist. Parents can monitor Moxie with a “parent program,” allowing them to review the success of their children and restrict their use of Moxie.

Privacy and health issues have been a significant issue in making education technologies for youth, and Moxie is not an exception. In an interview with Fast Company, Embodied founder Paolo Pirjanian said that  Moxie data will be encrypted, with parents or guardians being the only ones that can have access to the data for their particular unit. However Moxie also has a lot of equipment that can be used to communicate with and track the people around her: four microphones in her head and a camera in front. Certain children’s devices, such as the smart Barbie, has been challenged for the privacy implications of incorporating microphones into children’s toys.

Most businesses have been seeking to make friendly robots over the last few years to interact at home. There’s Aibo, a robotic pet from Sony for $2,900.

Moxie will be released this fall.

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