Missing sounds of being in the office ? Solved.


Working from home can get very lonely. Currently, many people sit at home, in their quiet apartment, and the only contact they have with their colleagues is through slack. People who are used to work in an office can get nostalgic about the background sounds at the office – people chatting, whirling of the AC, keyboard clatter etc.

If the pandemic has left you unexpectedly nostalgic for your workplace, Kids Creative Agency’s website, imisstheoffice.eu, could be the closest thing to actually being back there. Click the play button in the bottom-left corner when you load up the site and it will play loads of sounds popular at most offices: indecipherable dialog fragments, a fan blowing somewhere, phones ringing and more. There’s also someone who smacks their lips with annoyance.

However, the site isn’t just a white noise generator — it even has an office interface that you can click on to trigger some music. For example, click on the water cooler and you’ll hear the sound of a cup filling up with water. Clicking the printer will toggle on a printer’s familiar sounds. And even the sounds of a ping-pong match can be triggered.

The website is an enjoyable reminder of the workplace atmosphere you might have taken for granted.

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