GIFs, Emojis and better voice typing is included in MicroSoft’s new touch keyboard

Some significant changes will be included in Microsoft’s new touch keyboard for Windows 10. The new touch keyboard design was developed by working with Windows 10X. You will witness new keypress animations, sounds, better voice typing, and the ability to use animated GIFs (which always adds some fun to the conversation).

“Wonderbar, “ is the official name of the keyboard for Windows 10X. The new design in Windows 10 includes layouts that are more comfortable for typing. The cursor can be moved in through the space bar on the touch keyboard. Ever used iOS? It is similar in the way that iOS lets you operate the cursor. All you must do is place your finger on the space bar and slide to the desired direction.

Another exciting thing is that Microsoft will update its emoji picker in Windows 10. To activate your emoji picker, you have to press Winkey + period. It will acquire a new design based on Microsoft’s Fluent Design System. You will find an emoji search and animated GIF support within the keyboard.

Microsoft has also announced a new form of Windows dictation. The interface is designed to translate voice to text, and it will include a more modern design, auto-punctuation, and an updated backend. Microsoft claims that it will be “the most reliable voice typing experience ever on Windows.”

Windows Insiders are testing all the new changes for Windows 10 on the Dev Channel this week.

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