Browser Life-Hacks

Browser Life-Hacks to Speed up Your Daily Life!

By definition, a life hack is a strategy, technique or shortcut that can help make life easier, by speeding up efficiency and enhancing productivity. In this compilation, we share with you 20 of our favorite browser life hacks – start life hacking today! Let’s kick it off.

1. Did you just close the browser tab you had opened for days? Are you about to through your computer out of the window? No more! Yes, you heard it – just Ctrl / Cmd +Shift + T and voila.

2. Need to write something, like right now? Just type this data:text/html,in your browser window and you got yourself a brand new notepad in the browser!

3. Do you have too many open tabs in Chrome? Use Cmd/ Ctrl +1,2,3 to go to specific tabs based on their position, or just Cmd/Ctrl + Tab to cycle through tabs. Fun and easy

4. Did you know you can view masked passwords by changing the password input type as text? Right-click inspect on password and change “type” from ‘password’, to ‘text’. Fascinating.

5. Shazam not helping? Forgot the lyrics? No fear. When you search Google, within “ ” just add an asterisk * wherever there is a missing word and your search will be more thorough.

6. Are you paranoid that hackers are after you? Just visit and check if your email has indeed been compromised in a data breach. Stay vigilant; stay safe.

7. Want to convert a Youtube video into a GIF? Just Add the word ‘gifs’ instead of youtube. i.e. – into

8. Want to download Youtube videos, but not bothered copy pasting links? No problem! To download a Youtube video just insert ss after www. i.e…

9. Don’t want Google to provide search based on location? Just go to NCR stands for “No Country Redirect” – have fun surfing the endless waves of the internet.

10. We leave you with this wonderful list of free useful Chrome apps, by Wired. Visit to find your timesaving extensions.

At NMORE Group we will try and keep you up to date every week. Follow and read about life-hacks which can and will save you lots of time and money! Next week we talk about gadgets, particularly smartphones, stay tuned, work smarter not harder. Here is a bonus tip from us.

Bonus Tip. For TV and movie enthusiasts, this one is very convenient, especially if you are running dry. will tell you where your movie or series is available for stream online.

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