EV expert is stunned with Porsche’s first electric car

Porsche began teasing us with its first all-electric car nearly four years ago, and since then we have learned a lot about it. Two of the greatest things, which remain to be learned about the vehicle (called the Taycan), are what it looks like and how it works. However, we can now begin filling in the latter, as former Fifth Gear presenter Jonny Smith has constantly placed the fresh electric Porsche in a new video released this week.

If you don’t know Smith, he’s a reliable person to get the first crack to give the Porsche Taycan a full go. Not only does he make loads of videos for his Fully Charged YouTube channel about electric cars, he’s known for taking a tiny 70s commuter car and making it the fastest street legal EV in the world.

Seeing a man who is acquainted with fast electric cars should again and again be a promising sight for potential customers to enjoy the speed of the Taycan. Some of Tesla’s vehicles may be quicker to 60 miles per hour, but it appears that the Porsche’s liquid-cooled 800V battery pack can dole out more electrons.

The video also offers one of the best ideas of what the Taycan will sound like, both at low speeds (with its legally mandated pedestrian safety noise) and as it accelerates. However, it does not offer us an inside look. In fact, the seats and dashboard all appear to be covered in fabric so that viewers can’t spot any of the final details of the car that’s been years in the making. Porsche’s been quite open about the development of the Taycan over the last four years, but it looks like the company is trying to at least keep some air of mystery in the final month before the car’s official unveiling.

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