Five Top IT Series

The life of hackers and computer geniuses has always been fascinating to viewers, but little was known about their activities.
However, it’s not enough to just make a movie about hackers, it’s more important to convey the lives of such people, how they came to it, their thoughts, reasoning and ideas.

With this aim in mind, films and series about hackers and computer geniuses have been increasingly produced, having watched which you can allow you to appreciate all the life stages of cyber-professionals fully. For this exact reason, the team presents you a with a selection of the best IT-series.

The ranking consists of a collection of 5 of the coolest IT-series at different time intervals: from the conception of computer development to the modern days. These shows will help you to spend several exciting evenings in a pleasant company!

1. “The IT Crowd“

A British series, in the centre of the plot of which is two guys, Moss and Roy, working in a large organisation “Reynholm Industries”. The efficiency of the whole company depends solely on them as they are in charge of technical support.

Albeit the fact that they are essential “gears” in this huge mechanism, their workplace is located in a hideous and inconspicuous cellar. All the other employees hate them, because Roy is a loafer and in all ways trying to avoid performing of his duties, and Moss, who although is a technical guru genius is unable that is unable to solve even the most ordinary everyday problems. As the saying goes: “God loves a trinity”, and so a third person by the name of Jen enters the rink. Jen does not have the slightest idea about the sphere of information technologies but has an excellent gift of persuasion and diversion. Using all her talents, she rises to the position of chief of the IT department …

2. “Mr Robot”

The plot unfolds around a guy named Elliot, who is suffering from a childhood personality disorder, which does not allow him to live a full life. The lack of communication with others provokes Elliot to become a shut-in and spend all his free time at the computer. Thanks to this, he becomes a brilliant hacker. Because no one could help him with the disease, the only way to contact the outside world for Elliot is through the Internet.

His ingenious abilities attract the interest of government services involved in computer security. But one day, a certain Mr Robot is connected – the leader of the underground movement, whose goal is to bring down large world corporations makes contact with Elliot…

3. “Halt and Catch Fire”

Nowadays computer technology rushes ahead of even time with unprecedented speed, but it was not always so … At the early stages of the conception of computer technologies, when only the first computers were created, development abruptly froze and stopped on the spot, mired in greed and bureaucracy.

The series “Half and catch fire” tells the story about precisely that time and those people who by surpassing the others and not getting tangled in large organisations, tried to move the progress forward. Joseph Macmillan is one of the protagonists of the series, who united with the right people for a massive leap in the computer industry…

4. “Black Mirror”

Modern technologies have radically changed our lives. Now every house has a TV, computer, internet. One of the primary attributes of each person is their mobile phone, which we always carry with us. A black mirror is the existence of a person in the modern world.

The plot of the series is built on concern for the modern world and modern society, and the “Black Mirror” reflects everything that is happening.

5. “Silicon Valley”

One of the best IT-series, which will make you hold your breath. The series tells of how business is conducted in the Silicon Valley, California.

Heroes of the series in appearance are a bunch of nerds but are also very gifted. The main character – Richard Hendricks – came up with a coding algorithm for compressing files and called it “Pied Piper”. The acting, humor, and banter are all at the highest level. Excellent mood and a sea of emotions are guaranteed!

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