Employees fired by Google will file charges


Four Google employees who were recently fired plan to file labor charges against the firm, accusing Google of retaliation against legally protected organizing activity.

Laurence Berland, Paul Duke, Rebecca Rivers and Sophie Waldman were all involved in internal activism at the company. They were gathering other workers to protest issues within the company, like Googles plan to build a censored Chinese search engine.

The former employees are planning to file unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board. Officials will now investigate these charges and decide what to do next.

“It’s clear that [Google’s] draconian, pernicious, and unlawful conduct isn’t about us,” the employees said in a statement. “It’s about trying to stop all workplace organizing.”

According to Verge, the employees are working with attorneys on labor issues, but they plan to file more charges this week. “We need employees at a company like Google to be able to have a say in the workplace,” Berland says.

“We dismissed four individuals who were engaged in intentional and often repeated violations of our longstanding data security policies, including systematically accessing and disseminating other employees’ materials and work,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. “No one has been dismissed for raising concerns or debating the company’s activities.”

The workers mention that the information they accessed was widely available, and there was no rule which prohibited information to be accessed.

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