Emoji tweet reactions are being experimented on by Twitter

According to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is creating a new functionality that allows users to respond to tweets with emojis. Its not the first time Twitter has tried emoji reactions, as SocialMediaToday reports, Twitter was playing around with it back when Facebook was developing its own ideas back in 2015.

A screenshot shows a tweet reaction, so that a tweet can be responded to with emoji including laughing and shocked faces. There is also an option to ‘React with Fleet’ which refers to Twitter’s disappearing Tweets like the Snapchat Stories, available only in a few countries , in addition to the typical options for “reetweets” and “retweets with comments.”

Although Twitter has tested emojis before, it was recently decided that people can turn off replies to their tweets which makes it far more useful. Twitter recently has introduced the ability to respond to direct messages, demonstrating the involvement broadly in emoji reactions.
As for any of these leaks, no promise is provided that the function will indeed advance past the internal test.

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