Disguise Netflix as a conference call with a Chrome extension

Netflix Hangouts is a fresh Chrome extension that attempts to make watching Netflix easy to get away while you’re working. Just go to the show you want to catch up on during working hours and click the icon of the extension in your Chrome menu to bring up a fake conference call for four people. Then you can sit back and watch the screen in the bottom correct feed of the window as three fake peers get to work.

You could just get away with it depending on the show you’re watching— as long as no one notices that your conference call is made up of three strangers alongside the cast of Big Bang Theory.

Mschf Internet Studios created the extension, which over the years has created a few internet curiosities like this.

Netflix Hangouts is the recent service in a lengthy line intended to allow you to slack off at work. We have seen extensions that make Twitter look like discussions with Slack, pages that make Reddit look like Outlook, and once there was even a website that made your Facebook News Feed look like an Excel spreadsheet.

NMORE group doesn’t accept any liability if you get fired for trying to watch Netflix at work, clearly.

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