Coronavirus outbreak has reached Apple!

Corona Virus Mask
Corona Virus

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has mentioned on Tuesday that employee travel to China has been limited due to the coronavirus outbreak, and one store was closed in China mainland. Moreover, operating hours for other retail locations were reduced.

This shows that the virus has its toll on the tech industry in one of its most vital markets, affecting both, sales and manufacturing operations. Other tech companies such as Facebook and LG, are allowing employee travel only for critical business operations.

Foxconn, Apple’s supplier, said that it did not expect the coronavirus to affect its manufacturing timelines. We do not know if Apple has been experiencing retail slowdowns or adjusted to the situation and carried out its manufacturing process elsewhere.

Apple Store

Tim Cook has called out investors and said that “We have closed one of our retail stores and a number of channel partners have also closed their storefronts.” Overall, Apple’s retail traffic across the country has been negatively affected due to the situation. This also happened, partly, due to the extension of Lunar New Year holiday, which encouraged people to stay home and avoid the unintentional spreading of the virus. Cook said that the company’s revenue projections for the upcoming quarter will reflect all these events.

Care kits are provided by Apple in Wuhan area, regular medical checks are happening now, the temperature of employees is monitored in order to evaluate fever and flu-like symptoms, and regular aggressive cleaning raids of retail stores and offices is deployed as a measure to prevent the spreading of the virus.

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