Catch up on every Half-Life game for free while you wait Half Life: Alyx


March 2020 – the launch of Half Life Alyx for PC-based VR headsets. Currently Valve is giving gamers the opportunity to play nearly every Half-Life related at no expense, for the next two months. Each of the Half-Life games will be free on Steam – look at it as a two-month trial. Every game is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS.

This includes the original Half-Life and its expansions, Half-Life: Blue Shift and Half-Life: Opposing Force. Moreover, Half-Life 2 is also available for free along with its two-episode expansion. Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is not included in the promotion.

You should take this chance to play Half-Life if you still haven’t, or if you did not have the time to finish all expansions. Get those downloads here.

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