Audi combined an electronic scooter and a skateboard for a cool rideable

Audi e-scooter
Audi announced the E-tron scooter, a concept of an electric scooter you ride like a skateboard, its first serious attempt at electric vehicles. The scooter can reach a peak velocity of 12.5 mph, weighs 12 kg, and has a range of about 20 km. Audi is planning to release the scooter at a price tag of €2,000 in early 2020.

Combining a scooter and a skateboard results in a unique riding experience. Instead of standing with your torso facing forward, you are standing with your torso facing the side and holding on to the handlebar with one hand. Twisting this handlebar controls acceleration and braking, if needed you can use your other hand to give turning signals. Audi claims the riding experience is like surfing a wave.

The battery of the scooter is constructed into its handle, where there is also a tiny screen showing you its remaining battery. The scooter also features front and rear lamps (including brake lights and daytime running light), and Audi promises Bluetooth connectivity that will allow you to customize the scooter and provide you with anti-theft technology.

Audi is the latest car manufacturer to enter the market for micromobility. VW has its own electric scooter, General Motors produces e-bikes, and Ford has just purchased its own dockless scooter business.

Audi’s announcement indicates that it wants the e-scooter to complement the E-tron car lineup. The firm claims it could offer the scooter as an optional accessory for E-tron customers who would then be able to charge the scooter in their trunks and use it. But with a price higher than the premium Rev scooter from Boosted and a top speed lower than the frustratingly slow rental scooter from Bird, Audi may need to do a little bit more to get its debut electric scooter off the ground.

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