Artificial Intelligence: the latest advances

Do you often think about what the world of the future will be like? Do you worry about the presence that robots and Artificial Intelligence may have in our lives? Well, it is better to get used to that reality.

Artificial Intelligence and robots are some of the most appealing inventions for people in general. A world where this technology reigns and this type of innovation abounds is near. The best we can do is to prepare for it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the rise!

The development of Artificial Intelligence worldwide will depend on the implementation of 5G or an equally powerful network. This technology is also linked to advances in the field of Robotic Automation and the Internet of Things. There is no doubt that these three trend technologies will be part of people’s daily lives in the coming years.

This technology is already present on many platforms that work with voice, video, images, sensor data, and network traffic activities. Experts estimate that at least 25 billion devices will be operating with this technology by 2021.

Virtual assistants have played a decisive role in the increasingly massive use of Artificial Intelligence. Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant are the most famous. Although we cannot forget that smartphones have helped expand the application of this technology in the last decades.

The economic value of this technology could exceed 150 billion dollars next year. And we are nowhere near its full potential!

AI boosted by machine learning

Machine Learning, as a form of AI, has been studied by scientists for some time now. With this discipline, they create systems that learn autonomously. The machines can identify complicated patterns in millions of data and predict future behavior. Besides, these systems improve themselves over time, without any human intervention. Which have exponentially accelerated the development of AI.

The latest news and advances in Artificial Intelligence

  • Facebook says that thanks to Artificial Intelligence, they are detecting and blocking more hate speech on its platform. Despite not having workers to moderate these contents.
  • Exact protein formation has been a headache for scientists. The artificial intelligence company DeepMind, using AlphaFold, can predict with great precision the shape a protein will take.
  • A research team from Pohang University of Science & Technology in South Korea developed a multimodal electronic ion skin capable of distinguishing temperature from mechanical stimuli. This is a significant discovery for scientists working with humanoid skin or for those who manufacture temperature sensors.
  • The company Alphabet’s Loon, dedicated to the manufacture of air balloons to generate Internet, has entrusted the control of its devices to Artificial Intelligence. Now its navigation program depends on algorithms written and executed by a virtual flight control system, more efficient and skilled than the previous one.
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently announced a new system to automate and optimize robot design. These scientists have been inspired by arthropods to create a robot capable of traversing diverse terrains. This project is looking for machines with better invention and greater functionality.

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