Androids file sharing system may be available for more than just mobile devices

Android’s upcoming sharing feature, called Nearby Share (and also referred to as Nearby Sharing), may be on Chrome and on other platforms, according to 9to5Google. This functionality would allow Android users to exchange images, links, and other files directly with other devices, similar to how AirDrop operates in both macOS and iOS.

Originally called “Fast Share,” according to XDA Developers, Android ‘s answer to AirDrop has been in development for more than a year. It should be available on Google Play, and references in the code suggest it will work not only on Android mobile devices but also on Chromebooks and other computers installed that have Google’s Chrome browser installed.

A video posted earlier this year by XDA Developers shows Nearby Share built into the quick settings screen for Android. When the devices sharing the files were within a foot of each other, it seemed to work best.

The date for the launch of Nearby Share is not clear, although odds are it won’t be too much longer considering the length of time that passed since rumours started to spread.

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